Best UK Vet Awards 2019

Once again, we are in a position to announce the winners of the Best UK Vets 2019. Unlike other awards, BUKV winners and losers are decided by the clients of the practices in question - no judges who might be biased, no “fee for awards ceremony”, just a recognition of good customer service. Over the course of a year (February to February), the reviews left on and are added up. All reviews of 4* or 5* contribute towards the Best UK Vet and the practice with the most top reviews wins. It’s really simple and transparent! This year, the winner is [you’ll have to imagine the drumroll]...

Swanspool Veterinary Clinic, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, with a fantastic total of 1102 top reviews.

The Silver Award goes to St Anne’s Veterinary Group in Eastbourne, and the Bronze Award to Lakeview Veterinary Surgery in Deal, Kent.

But we’re very much aware that a bigger practice, with a bigger footfall, has a better chance. We therefore have a number of additional, more specialist categories.

First the geographical ones:

  • Best Northern Irish Practice to Ashwood Veterinary Clinic.

  • Best Scottish Practice to Lamond Veterinary Clinic.

  • Best Welsh Practice to Animal Doctors.

Then the specialist practice area awards:

  • Best Small Practice (3 or fewer FTE vets) also goes to Lakeview, proving that size doesn’t have to be a barrier (after all, almost all practices can probably boast more than 1100 clients - you just need to persuade them to leave good reviews…).

  • Best Equine Practice to Ridings Equine Vets - we’re aware that LA practice is a different ball game so we list them separately.

  • Best Mobile Vet to The Mobile Vet Ltd on the Isle of Wight.

And this year, we have a new award for Best New Startup - we appreciate it takes time to build a client base and therefore reviews, so the normal 52 review requirement is waived for this category. The inaugural winner was The Liverpool Vets.

There are also awards for the Top 25 practices:

  • Withy Grove Vets

  • White Cross Vets, Manchester - Walkden

  • White Cross Vets, Liverpool - Gateacre

  • Vets 1 Group

  • Kingsteignton Veterinary Group - Newton Abbot

  • Medivet The Vets Sutton Farm

  • Strathmore Veterinary Clinic

  • Kernow Veterinary Group - Pelyn Vets St Austell

  • Monument Vets, Redruth

  • Cambridge Veterinary Group

  • The Mewes Veterinary Clinic

  • Kernow Veterinary Group - Harleigh Vets Bodmin

  • Bridgnorth Veterinary Centre

  • St George's Vets - Stourbridge Vets 2 You mobile surgery

  • Kernow Veterinary Group - Pelyn Vets Lostwithiel

  • White Cross Vets, Wolverhampton

  • Pennard Vets - Tonbridge

  • Willows Vet Group - Beech House Veterinary Centre

And Certificates of Excellence for all practices who have achieved an average of 1 good review per week over the year:

  • Watkins & Tasker Veterinary Group - Nailsea

  • Hampton Park Vets

  • Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital - Meir Park

  • Willows Vet Group - Willows Veterinary Hospital

  • Heathside Veterinary Surgery

  • Willows Vet Group - Acorn Veterinary Surgery

  • Kernow Veterinary Group - Ellis Vets

  • Dunfermline Healthy Pets

  • The Village Veterinary Centre

So why is this important?

Well, any practice lives or dies by their client base. While it is probably inevitable that some clients will be unhappy in any given period, keeping that number as low as possible will drive retention but also recruitment, as clients do your advertising for you. Good customer service leads to happy clients, which leads to increased footfall and financial stability or even growth.

Do we need to pay you to be entered?

No, not at all. While directory listings on VetHelpDirect are paid for, the listings on Any UK Vet are free of charge - if you aren’t on there, then just let us know and we’ll correct that oversight! We do try to keep it up to date, but if you notice an error, please contact us.

What do winners get?

A social media and publicity boost, press releases, and of course being named here and on our public blog! In addition, the winner gets an awards ceremony (with local press coverage that we arrange) and a party for staff (that we pay for!). If you want to see how the presentation ceremony went, take a look here!

Publicity is oxygen… so let us help you! And if you’d like to improve your placement next year, please get in touch and we can give you some helpful tips!