Client Educator Tools for your Website

Pet symptom checker for vets' websites

3 reasons you should be providing veterinary advice on your Website

Your clients will seek advice online...

  1. make sure they turn to you when doing so.

  2. make sure the advice is trustworthy, up to date and written by veterinary professionals.

  3. make sure they call you in an emergency.

Integrated symptom checker

Our symptom guide has been written by vets. It advises animal owners how urgently they need to see a vet while guiding them in how best to care for their animal in the interim.

The guide is customised to match your website and is seamlessly integrated. It uses your own contact details to encourage client visits when advised and costs just £35 per month.

Test the symptom checker by using the public version. Or contact us for a demo of the checker integrated into a practice's website.

Fact Sheets for your Website

The VetHelpDirect factsheets cover all aspects of care management of dogs, cats and rabbits and can be merged seamlessly into your website. There are also factsheets available on most common health problems.

These factsheets help you to create a valuable resource for your clients allowing you to confidently suggest that they visit your website if they are worried about their pet.