We have listened to veterinary practices and have developed our reviewing system to include even more features. Below is a complete list of the review functionality you get as standard with your VetHelpDirect.com package:

A listing in the VetHelpDirect.com Directory

A powerful online directory that provides a vet-built symptom checker for pet owners to assess how urgently they need to see a vet. It then links them to vets in their area.

Review Widget

Have an interactive review widget on your own practice website. Matched to your branding it integrates seamlessly and draws visitor's attention to your reviews. Hosting them through this third party app adds legitimacy and makes it so easy for clients to write you a review too, you just have to ask them to visit your website!

Five areas to Review

Rather than having a single, overall star rating we have made our reviews more descriptive and accurate by breaking them down into five areas:

  • Respect for my animal
  • Cleanliness
  • Friendliness
  • Professionalism
  • Value for money

When leaving a positive review clients will still likely mark all fields with five stars. But when leaving a negative review this often helps clients focus on the specific issue rather than a sweeping, overall dissatisfaction. This adds transparency to your reviews which reflects well on potential clients and helps you to solve the specific problem.

Customer Feedback Form Integration

You told us time and time again that you want feedback from your clients but you worry about asking them for online reviews and then asking them for feedback too. So we've built something to help. Now when your clients leave you an online review on VetHelpDirect.com you can integrate a customised feedback form and answers are shown only to you. 


You want to be able to monitor your reputation easily. You also want to make sure you're doing better than your competition! Access your VetHelpDirect.com dashboard. See how your practice is doing and see how it compares to others across the UK and across your region. You can vary the time period, if you've more than one branch you can compare your branches. You can compare each of the five fields above (are you the friendliest practice in the UK?) as well as overall rating and your Net Promotor Score (how likely would your clients be to recommend you to a friend).

Human Monitoring & Negative Review Management

When you get left a review on VetHelpDirect.com our Review Moderator, Tracy, will read it. If it's positive it will be published immediately and you'll receive a notification. If it's negative you'll be sent the review and have three working days to add a response before the review is published. This ensures that it's never a one sided story and gives you the opportunity to show what great customer service you provide. Turning a negative review into a great advertisement for your approach to dealing with tricky situations.


You'll be notified whenever a review gets left on your listing (see above for negative review management), meaning you always know what's being said about you online and giving you the chance to thank clients for their feedback.

Google Reviews

We know that Google reviews are important. They're also tricky to get - they rely on giving your clients a very complicated URL to follow and clients will also need a Google account. For those reasons it's easier to direct them to leave you a VetHelpDirect.com review. And now we've integrated a prompt which will ask any client that's left you a 4 or 5 star review on VetHelpDirect.com to also leave you a review on Google, linking directly to the correct place, making it as easier as possible and giving you two reviews for the effort of one.

Google Friendly

Doesn't it catch your eye when you Google something and results pop up showing gold stars? Our reviews are indexed by Google so your star rating is displayed in Google search results. When people search for the name of your practice a box appears with basic information about your practice on the right of the results. Your VetHelpDirect.com reviews will also show in here.

Optimised for Email

If you email clients asking for a review we can supply you with a snippet of code to add in, this will pre-fill their name and email fields in the review, making it even easier for them.


Your website developer can easily alter the widget to make it suit your website even more (subject to Ts & Cs).

An enhanced listing in the Any-UK-Vet.co.uk directory

Every practice in the UK is listed in Any UK Vet so it's a well used online directory for pet owners who already know they need to find a vet. As part of your VetHelpDirect.com package your listing will be in the top section of search results and be bubbled up to draw more attention. 

Last but DEFINITELY NOT least...

Entry into the Best UK Vets Award

The Best UK Vets is an annual award. It is presented to the British vet practice with the most 4 or 5 star reviews on both VetHelpDirect.com and Any-UK-Vet.co.uk. On this basis it's judged by the pet owners themselves so it is a great advertisement of a practice's client and patient care.

As well as the overall winner, we also give awards to the practices that place second and third and to those that place in the top 25 too. We also have prizes for category winners such as Best Equine Vet, Best Scottish Vet and so on. So there are many opportunities to win an award and get a lot of local press attention and exposure as well as marketing materials and other prizes from us.

Your VetHelpDirect.com package gives you all the tools you need to win, so make sure you speak to us to get them all set up and for tips on how to build up your online reviews!

Review Terms & Conditions

In our experience, negative reviews left on our system have been done so in the heat of the moment and once we have approached the writer they have often asked for the review to be withdrawn as their vet has resolved the issue.

Giving your clients a route to leave reviews on our monitored system gives you control. If you do not provide a route, they will find one for themselves, such as Qype or Google. When reviews are left elsewhere on the internet it is difficult or impossible for them to be withdrawn and you would not always know of them, or be able to reply directly.

Against a background of good reviews from regular happy clients, negative reviews are put into context as isolated incidents or misunderstandings which are resolved rather than the norm.

Every single review left on the Vet Help Direct or Any UK Vets system is read by a member of staff before being activated. We monitor the source and content of the review and follow the procedure below:

When a client leaves a review the following information is given:

“All reviews must be decent, legal and honest. We may ask you to provide evidence that you are a client of the practice before publishing the review. We reserve the right not to post reviews.”

Dealing with Negative Reviews

The vet practice will be shown any negative reviews prior to publishing and have 3 days to provide us with a reply that will be posted at the same time as the review.

Reviews that contain defamatory allegations of fact will be removed. However, clients will be given the opportunity to express their honestly held opinion about a practice.

We will request evidence that the reviewer has been a client of the vet practice before publishing if we have any doubts over authenticity, or if the vet practice expresses doubts over authenticity.

If, on request, the reviewer can not provide reasonable evidence they are a client of the veterinary practice we will not publish the review. In the case of a negative review, if the reviewer consents to share their identity with the veterinary practice, we will accept the veterinary practice’s assertion that the reviewer is a client as reasonable evidence. If the veterinary practice does not to provide this evidence the reviewer will be asked for an alternative form of evidence.

If the person leaving the review has proved to us beyond reasonable doubt that they paid for services at the practice, but will not produce a review that is acceptable to our terms and conditions we will remove the comments but publish the star rating.

The veterinary practice can request that the reviewing functionality be removed from their directory entry at any time. All reviews will be removed in this case.

The veterinary practice has the right to request that we publish a defamatory review left by a client. Some vets wish to ensure the review stays on the Vet Help Direct platform where they have some level of control, or to discourage posting else where. To do this we require written (or email) consent from the veterinary practice.

Should a client wish to withdraw a negative review we need an emailed request from the client, they should use the email address associated with the review in question.

We reserve the right to edit the reply provided by the vets if the response infringes the client’s confidentiality, or does not fulfil the ‘decent, legal and honest’ criteria that reviewers must meet.

Any duplicated reviews or those which do not seem to be produced by a human (spam) will be deleted.

The practice will be notified by email when any reviews good or bad are left.

If clients who have previously left a review wish to leave a new, up to date, version they can do so. Their previous review will be deleted when the new one is published.