We know Facebook management for your Vet Practice isn't as easy as it should be. We can help.

Facebook for vets

We write brilliant veterinary content. Good content = lots of engagement = lots of exposure.

We set up and monitor your Facebook ads. Low cost, targeted advertising that gets lots of traffic to your page and content.

We go the extra mile. We create Facebook apps, posters, quizzes, competitions and more to keep your community engaged.

We've got your back. We'll manage your page to make sure questions are answered, comments are liked and your fans feel looked after.

We know our stuff. The VetHelpDirect team are a mix of veterinary and digital professionals with lots of experience - we know how to make your Facebook page work.

Our Facebook Packages start at £115 per month

Facebook Posts

Social media for vets

Your Facebook content is the most important thing on your page. It needs to be frequent (daily), engaging, interesting, educational, funny, personal, unique...so it's not the easiest thing to create!

We can work around the content you already produce in practice and together we'll make your page brilliantly busy and interesting. We create a mix of content, from veterinary info and branded images, to viral shares and pet health alerts.

From £115 per month

Veterinary facebook pages

Facebook Ads

Now you're creating great content you need lots of local pet owners to see it. That's where Facebook adverts come in. We create these ads for you, writing the copy and selecting the images based on your brand and message. We then target these ads to show only to relevant people (those who live locally and have pets). The ads encourage this relevant audience to like your page and, before you know it, you've got a thriving community of potential and existing clients engaging with you on Facebook.

From £79 per month

Respond & Engage

Your Facebook community will now be commenting on and liking your posts, they'll be sending messages, asking questions and uploading their pets' photos to your page - all amazing interaction for you!

Make sure you show them how valued they are by responding to comments, answering every message and question, sharing their photos and liking their engagement. Yes it's a big job and that's where we come in with our Respond & Engage service. We can manage your community every day of the year, including bank holidays. We can also provide holiday cover!

From £70 per month


Ready to take your page to the next level? Our MeeWOW package offers new development on your page every month. From interactive pet gallery tabs and memorial walls, to competitions, quizzes and more. This will make your page stand out from the competition!

From £168 per month

DIY - Training Your Team

Want to manage your Facebook Page yourself but not quite sure how? We can help there too with our team training days. We can come to your practice and train your team in how to use Facebook for maximum marketing benefit. 

Call us for for a quote for half a day of bespoke training