Email marketing for vets

5 reasons you should be sending your clients regular emails

  1. Increased client retention - keep clients updated and interested in your practice
  2. Measurable performance
  3. High open rate in the veterinary industry 
  4. Boost your social media following and website traffic
  5. Target a precise audience


Writing, styling and sending a good email takes time, in fact Fashion retailer ASOS has a dedicated team of 10 people to produce its twice-weekly newsletter. That is why we offer to manage this service for you - see our options below.

Veterinary email marketing

Our Email Marketing Services

All our packages result in beautiful, branded emails delivered from you, to your clients. Complete with a report to show you open rates, click rates and more.

All packages are subject to a £140 email template setup fee.

We have three email packages:

1 Email bolt-on

If you have our Blogging or SEO service, you can bolt on our email service for just £66 per month (plus £7 per thousand email addresses). We use content from the unique blog post we write for you to populate the email.

2 Emails using VetHelpDirect or bespoke content

As above with the addition of creating content specifically for your emails. £95 per month (plus £7 per thousand email addresses).

3 Emails using your content

If you have the content then we have the email marketing know-how, this option let's us team up! Provide us with the content you'd like sent to your clients and we will make it into a beautiful email, send it our and report back. We'll give recommendations on the type of content and images too. 

Use email marketing for newsletters, reminders, feedback requests, product launches and more.