Buying group automated email signup

Hello VHD team! This page of our website is hidden and only you can see it - you lucky thing!

Come to this page as step three in this process:

  1. New buying group member
  2. Set them up on /
  3. Enter their name and email address into the correct list on this page (click the relevant button)
  4. 12 month trial begins (see schedule of communications below)

Enter member into the correct list:


Now their automated email journey will begin, you can see the schedule below (bolded text is a required action):

  • [Month 1: Call from Kim or Rachel]
  • Month 2: AUTOMATED. One month after they are added onto the above list, they will receive Email 1: "Welcome to your Free 12 Month Digital Marketing Package" - welcoming them to their package and introducing Kim or Rachel.
  • Month 3: AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 2: "Your Brilliant Review Widget" - Telling them about the RW and how to get it.
  • Month 4: AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 3: "Are You Using Your Review Widget Yet?" - Encouraging them to get the RW installed.
  • Month 5: AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 4: "Win the Best UK Vets Award" - Explaining the BUKV awards.
  • Month 6 AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 5: "Market your Practice Online for Free" - How to make the most of their listing.
  • [Month 7: Call from Kim or Rachel]
  • Month 8: AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 6: "How to get your clients writing you reviews!" - Tips on how to build reviews.
  • Month 9: AUTOMATED. They will receive Email 7: "Which Reviewing Platform is Best and Why" - Explaining how we prompt clients for Google reviews too.
  • Month 10: AUTOMATED. They will receive their final email, Email 8: "Your Digital Marketing in Expert Hands" - An introduction to our other services.
  • [Month 11: Call from Kim or Rachel]

12 month trial ends.