Best UK Vets Award

Best UK Vets Award - More Categories Added for 2017!

More Categories Added for 2017 = More Chances for your Practice to Win an Award!

For the 2016 Best UK Vet awards we included 2nd & 3rd place, Best Mobile Vet, Best London Vet and Best Scottish Vet.

We also gave awards to the practices that placed in the top 25 positions for Best UK Vets.

See which categories we've added for 2017...

How to Use Your Team to Make Your Digital Marketing Great

Your team are the best assets your practice has. Nobody knows your practice better or wants it to succeed as much as you and them. And if you’re not tapping into their skills for your digital marketing than you’re missing a trick that could be rewarding and fun for everybody. 

How to Get Your Clients to Leave You a Review

We shout it until we're blue in the face: "ONLINE REVIEWS FOR YOUR VET PRACTICE ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO (takes breath) SO SO SO IMPORTANT!!!" And it's not just us, experts are shouting it all over the internet - like here. So, it's probably only fair that now we help you to get your happy, loyal clients, to write them!

Best UK Vet 2015... and the Winner is Blacks Vets, Dudley Hospital

The Best UK Vets Award was established by Vet Help Direct to celebrate the huge value of honest online client reviews, which are an excellent way of boosting a practice’s online reputation. Every year the Award organisers look at all reviews left on and, which means that every British veterinary practice is eligible to take part and win.