How to collect email addresses from your clients

Knowing that email marketing is important is a great start. This blog post from gives 5 reasons why it still works as a marketing tool and this one from gives a compelling list of 25!

So the final piece of the puzzle...people to send it to! You need to collect your clients' email addresses. So we've popped together some tips to help:

Internet Marketing for Vets - Where to Begin

Internet marketing is BRILLIANT and there are thousands upon thousands of statistics out there telling us so. There are also seemingly thousands upon thousands of internet platforms and tactics you simply must be using. You cannot do them all, so this blog post aims at helping you simplify it all and work out which ones you really should do.

How to Get Your Clients to Leave You a Review

We shout it until we're blue in the face: "ONLINE REVIEWS FOR YOUR VET PRACTICE ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO (takes breath) SO SO SO IMPORTANT!!!" And it's not just us, experts are shouting it all over the internet - like here. So, it's probably only fair that now we help you to get your happy, loyal clients, to write them!

6 Reasons Your Vet Practice Should Be Blogging

I know that there hundreds of ways you can market your veterinary practice on and offline and that blogging might not be all that high up on the list. Blogging takes up a lot of time and in reality it might not seem like the best way to spend your time. You've guessed it, there's a BUT! But you really should consider blogging for your marketing strategy, and I'll tell you why in just 6 points (although there are many more!):

BVA warns Pet Owners over Dangers of Dr Google

Today the news hit the mainstream newspapers that The British Veterinary Associations 'Voice of the Veterinary Profession' survey, which questioned more than 700 vets, revealed 80 per cent said they had clients who took their pets to see them later than they should, while 98 per cent believed their clients were influenced by what they had read on the internet. Unfortunately,as yet, there is no information on the BVA's website to confirm if they believe these two facts are linked.

Five Ways to Market Your Practice Online

Internet marketing and where to start with it may feel a little daunting. So, in no particular order, we've put together our top five ways to market your practice in the digital space...

Email Marketing - why it's a MUST - and how to do it!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an average ROI of £40 for every £1 spent. So why aren't more veterinary practices using this exceptional marketing tool? Read on for information and advice that will hopefully show you why to start and where to begin.