Symptom Checker

How do you make sure your clients turn to you for online pet advice?

No matter how friendly your team and how loyal your clients, some of your clients will instinctively turn online for pet advice. There is a way you can be there for them online as well as in person and what’s even better - the online solution allows you to be there for them 24/7 without any extra staffing costs…

Five Steps to Make the Most of your Symptom Checker

As you know, our symptom checker is written by veterinary professionals, it's constantly updated and it errs on the side of caution - directing your clients to contact you in a relevant timeframe - so it's the perfect online triage tool for your clients, anytime of the day or night. 

Make sure your clients know that they can turn to you for trustworthy online advice by encouraging them to use your checker - here are our five top tips:

BVA warns Pet Owners over Dangers of Dr Google

Today the news hit the mainstream newspapers that The British Veterinary Associations 'Voice of the Veterinary Profession' survey, which questioned more than 700 vets, revealed 80 per cent said they had clients who took their pets to see them later than they should, while 98 per cent believed their clients were influenced by what they had read on the internet. Unfortunately,as yet, there is no information on the BVA's website to confirm if they believe these two facts are linked.

We don't do websites, but if we did...

There is no getting away from it; the majority (the vast majority) of your clients use the Internet. That should be no surprise to you because, if you're reading this online blog post, then so are you! The chances are your veterinary practice has a website - great start! But it really is only a start...