Five Steps to Make the Most of your Symptom Checker

As you know, our symptom checker is written by veterinary professionals, it's constantly updated and it errs on the side of caution - directing your clients to contact you in a relevant timeframe - so it's the perfect online triage tool for your clients, anytime of the day or night. 

Make sure your clients know that they can turn to you for trustworthy online advice by encouraging them to use your checker - here are our five top tips:

As part of you symptom checker setup we design you a bespoke graphic for your website. We work with you to decide the best place for the graphic and can liaise with your web developer if preferred. If you think your checker could be more prominent, or the graphic updated, just let us know and we'll get it looking great. Here are a couple of great website examples - with thanks to Mayne and Heathside:

A simple graphic, placed right at the top of the site, making it easy to see and with a clear call to action.

Beautifully matching other website calls to action, making the checker another valuable service offered.

Facebook pages support extra functionality to make them more interactive. We call these 'Facebook apps' and we can build a huge variety of them for you, from pet galleries and memorial walls, to competitions, reviews and of course, symptom checkers! The checker works just as it does on your website, but is integrated into your Facebook page too. We can design and create a bespoke symptom checker Facebook app for your page for a one-off cost of £85.

See another tip for Facebook in step 5...

A great time to catch your clients' attention is while they're waiting to see you!.

Pop a poster up in your waiting room, letting them know about this service and directing them to use it through your website - the oldens are still goodens!

We can't rave about the impact of email marketing enough, we send emails on behalf of many of our clients and get a minimum open rate of 40%. The best response is always via an email with a clear call to action. Try sending one email every quarter letting your clients know that you offer an online symptom checker.

We can also do this for you - see more info here - and contact us to get started.


Use your Facebook posts to link to your checker on your website - and let your Facebook audience know about this extra service you offer. The added benefit of publicising this service on Facebook is that you're advertising to not only existing clients that like your page, but also potential clients that like your page too. 

Why not screenshot the symptom checker graphic from your website and use that as the image for your post - then add a comment such as "Did you know we have an online triage tool to see how urgently your pet needs to see us, try it out now..." 

Want to know how much traffic your symptom checker is getting? We can supply you with statistics - just ask!