Five Steps to Make the Most of Your Directory Package

Your directory package helps local pet owners find you and trust you.

Use it to its full and reap the rewards of:

  • Increased traffic to your website (via our directories and through Google)
  • An easy tool to build online reviews on
  • Automatic prompts for positive Google reviews
  • Positive reviews displayed on your website via a trusted third party - a great advertisement to potential clients

We've put together five steps to help you make the most of your directory package...

We can add lots of information to your listing to make it stand out and catch visitors' attention.

1. Let us update your listing on

Have a look at your listing (you can find it by entering your postcode in the vet search area on Each listing can hold your logo, images, a video, all your contact details, links to your social media platforms, a practice description, special offers, opening hours and info on your pet health plans. If you're missing any of those, just email with the content and we can add it in.

Our review widgets now come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all websites. Contact us for a live demo of how your widget could look and we'll upgrade it for free.

2. Add our review widget to your website

Having our review widget integrated into your practice website does two great things - one: it makes it so easy for your existing clients to find where to leave you an online review (you just need to say to them "please leave us a review - just go to our website") and two: it is a fantastic advertisement to potential clients visiting your website - reviews from a trusted third party. Integrating our widget is simple, just email and ask for the code and instructions to add to your site. 

Add your response to any negative reviews and show that clients can trust you to deal with any problems fairly and effectively.

Add your response to any negative reviews and show that clients can trust you to deal with any problems fairly and effectively.

3. Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Publicity

Our reviewing platform is so well loved by vet practices because of the control we give the practice over reviews left on your listing. We publish positive reviews straight away and let you know about them. Negative reviews we send directly to you, giving you the opportunity to add your own reply before we publish them (up to three working days). Many practices use this opportunity to showcase their brilliant customer service by adding transparent, friendly and proactive replies onto negative reviews. For any potential clients reading the reviews, this often puts them at ease; knowing that if anything did go wrong you are the sort of vets to listen and rectify any problems where possible. Obviously this isn't always possible; some issues need to be handled with the client directly.

Your listing is easy to claim and update. This helps Google to find it and makes it more inviting for visitors wanting to know more.

4. Update your listing

As part of the directory package, your listing is enhanced (showing at the top of the search results and bubbled up to attract more attention). Make the most of this incerased traffic by adding lots of details to the listing. You can do this yourself by finding your listing and clicking the blue 'Claim Practice' button. More info here will help Google to find your listing too.

Blacks Vets won the Best UK Vets 2016 award and even their local Mayer turned up for the celebrations!

5. Build your Reviews and go for the Win

Win the Best UK Vets award - or one of the category prizes - by building your online reviews. The British practice with the most 4 or 5* online reviews on both and will win. Part of the prize is a huge amount of local press exposure - increasing your positive local reputation.

NEW: clients that leave you a positive review can now automatically be prompted to leave you a review on Google too! Contact us to find out more. 

Reminder - what your directory package includes:

  • A listing in
  • An enhanced listing in
  • A free review widget on your website
  • Your reviews monitored by a member of our team every day Monday - Friday