Do your clients know what is classed as an emergency?

Do your clients know what is classed as an emergency?

It can be really hard to persuade a client that “a spot of bother weeing” is an emergency for a neutered tomcat, or equally that “five drops of blood!” from a Great Dane isn’t. While it is often sensible to “play it safe” and get every “emergency” in to be seen, there may be situations where it isn’t appropriate - or even possible. For example, if you’ve got sole charge on a weekend, you’re going to have to triage the cases or your staff will be overloaded - full stop.

Time is Ticking on the Best UK Vets Award…

And it could be your practice receiving a massive marketing boost in 2018…

What is BUKV?
For those who don’t yet know, the Best UK Vet Awards, sponsored by VetHelpDirect, are intended to reward excellence in customer service. The award is based on the number of positive reviews left by clients on either or from February to February every year. The awards give the winning practices a lot of local press exposure, boosting their positive reputation to potential clients.

Defend your practice IT system against Ransomware

This weekend saw a major outbreak of “ransomware”: it hit the headlines because it hit the NHS, as well as many other large networks including Fedex, the German rail network Deutsche Bahn, and even the Russian Interior Ministry. Europol has reported that the WannaCry 2.0 outbreak has claimed 200,000 victims across 150 countries.

Google Ads Now in The Places Pack - What This Means For You

The Google Places pack is one of the most important places for local businesses - and Google are mixing things up. Find out if this is a good thing or a bad thing for your vet practice...

Cornish vets Penmellyn presented with BestUKVets 2017 award

On the 29th March, this year’s overall winner of the BestUKVets 2017 award, Penmellyn Vets in St Columb Major, based in Cornwall, was presented with their trophy by the founder of VetHelpDirect, Susie Samuel. This was a proud moment for everyone at the practice and it was fantastic to see so many of their devoted clients in attendance to share this special moment with them.

Can your clients trust you with their data?

Not, I hasten to add, that you would deliberately misuse it - you wouldn’t sell their details, or pass them on without consent, would you? However, your practice database is worth a fortune in the wrong hands - and that means that there are people out there who would put a lot of time and effort into stealing it - and that is something you need to care about - for moral, professional and legal reasons.